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GADGET Posh Pegs Klesklyper Blå. 30 stk (POSHPEGS-BLUE)

GADGET Posh Pegs Klesklyper Blå.30 stk



Posh Pegs are a whole new concept in peg technology. Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK, Posh Pegs are a solid one piece design with no moving parts and is completely UV protected. Brightly coloured, it can be used as a conventional clothes peg as well as a handful of other useful household applications.

Posh Pegs are instantly recognisable with its unique one piece construction. There are 3 different size holes for a variety of washing line thicknesses and washing type. The peg just pushes on and holds the washing tight automatically selecting the correct position. By simply twisting the peg it can be easily removed from the line. Posh Pegs will hold delicate underwear, thick bath towels and will even hold thick socks in pairs.


  • Will do everything you expect from a Peg and more
  • Will never break or snap
  • Will never rust
  • Child friendly
  • Easy to store
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lifetime guarantee

Posh Pegs are available in Blue, Green and Yellow and are packaged in a plastic tube containing 30 pegs of the same colour.
Packaging dimensions: H22.5 x W6 x L6 cms.


All Traditional Clothes Peg Uses
As with a traditional clothes peg, Posh Pegs can be used as a normal home laundry peg both indoors and outdoors as well as other peg activities such as sealing open bags or packets that are half empty and don’t want to be spilt in the cupboard or fridge.

Additional Twisty Peg Uses
However, due to its robust construction and non rusting properties, Posh Pegs can also be used for such activities as pairing up socks in the washing machine and sealing open packets that go in the freezer.

Doing your laundry while camping and boating are also ideally suited to the Posh Peg. With its push on, twist off action, the Posh Peg is also very user friendly to those with limited function or movement in their hands and fingers.


Clothes pegs are very familiar to all of us and do not require any introduction or instructions for use. When we use them however, we are all also very familiar with these common drawbacks:

  • Will Not Break - With the solid one piece design and complete UV protection, the Posh Peg will flex and twist as required but will never break or snap. As there is no spring mechanism, this can not malfunction or become detached
  • Will Not Rust - As there is no spring mechanism, the Posh Peg will not rust or seize up as it becomes used
  • Will Not Stain - Traditional pegs can stain your clothes by either the wood construction getting dirty and wet or by the spring mechanism rusting. None of these can happen with the Posh Peg's solid one piece construction
  • No Pinching Or Cutting - As there are no moving parts or thin sections that snap, you will never trap your fingers in a Posh Peg or be cut by sharp edges. Posh Pegs are fully child safe
  • Leave On The Line - Posh Pegs are weather and UV resistant. You can happily leave them on the line if you desire, with no detrimental effect to them or their performance. If they do become dirty over time, then just pop them in with your next wash and they will come out looking brand new again.
  • Lawn Mower Proof - Should they drop onto your lawn, no need to worry. Due to the natural flex in the material they are completely lawn mower proof. They will simply be spat out by the lawn mower with minimal damage to them and none to your lawn mower
  • UK Origin - Proudly manufactured and distributed in the UK, the Posh Peg does not have a legacy of Far East Manufacture and long distance distribution with all the environmental issues that evokes
  • Never Need Replacing - Because of the Posh Peg's unique construction, unless you physically lose them, these are probably the last pegs you will ever need to buy


The Demise of the Washing Line

Over the last decade, the convenience and acceptability of tumble dryers has seen a big swing in many households to this being the “normal” method of drying your laundry. Many households now have two incomes with less free time, so the time / cost / reliability relationship of modern white goods has become ever more acceptable. This has had a downturn effect over the past 10 years on the sale of the household clothes peg. As a result, we have seen clothes pegs fall in price but also fall in quality and reliability.

The Comeback of the House Hold Peg

In recent months, there has been a dramatic reversal in the use of tumble dryers as the environmentally conscious consumer becomes far more aware of their electricity usage and subsequent carbon output. Much publicity and media attention has been aimed at modern households with regard energy consumption and their resulting efficiency. This has resulted in a measurable and recorded swing to the traditional clothes line and clothes peg use as part of a low emission family.

Consumers are aware and feel a need to do their bit to help the planet. Government Policies are only going to move us all further down this route over time.


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