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GADGET ECCO II Personal GPS Pocket Locator (80002-002)
GADGET ECCO II Personal GPS Pocket Locator (80002-002)
GADGET ECCO II Personal GPS Pocket Locator (80002-002)
GADGET ECCO II Personal GPS Pocket Locator (80002-002)
GADGET ECCO II Personal GPS Pocket Locator (80002-002)
GADGET ECCO II Personal GPS Pocket Locator (80002-002)

GADGET ECCO II Personal GPSPocket Locator

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Ecco II Personal Pocket GPS Locator - find your way back!

Ecco II, the Personal Pocket GPS Locator, is a one-of-a-kind keyfob using advanced GPS technology and a simplistic user interface to lock in a fixed location and guide you back to your saved location. Ideal for parking, travelling and outdoors.

Introducing Ecco II: A new way of thinking about GPS

How many times have you returned to a crowded car park only to realise you can't remember where you parked your car, been turned around when travelling in a foreign place or lost while hiking? Ecco II, the Personal Pocket GPS Locator, provides a solution to these very common problems in a convenient, simple-to-use key fob. Ecco II is a compact, self-contained key fob that utilises powerful GPS technology and a simplistic user interface to visually guide you back to your original saved location. It's great for finding your way back in any situation, whether it be for the simple convenience of finding your car in a busy car park or for the peace of mind when travelling through an unfamiliar place or hiking outdoors.


  • Easy to use
  • No service fees
  • No software required
  • Convenient
  • Reliable and accurate
  • Global range - can use anywhere around the world
  • Smallest personal GPS system that fits on your keychain
  • The most affordable on the market today
  • Unique use of GPS technology

How it works
Ecco II, the Personal Pocket GPS Locator, is simple to use. Push the 'lock' button to store your location into Ecco's memory and be on your way. When you are ready to return, push the 'return' button and Ecco will guide you back to within a close radius of your saved location from as far away as 9,999 miles. The blue LCD intuitive user interface displays an arrow and direction along with countdown distance to your saved location. Coloured LEDs provide additional visual feedback with green indicating an active GPS signal and red indicating movement in a wrong direction. Ecco can store up to three separate locations at the press of a button.

Key features

  • Tracks up to 32 satellites within 60 seconds
  • Sleek, stylish, lightweight design that allows for a better view of the sky and improved reception
  • Tracking distance up to 9,999 miles
  • Locks in up to three locations
  • USB rechargeable battery - USB connection at home, computer or in your car
  • Highly sensitive GSP receiver provides faster acquisition times and improved tracking capabilities
  • Built-in electronic compass that provides bearing information while you're standing still, always pointing you in the general direction
  • Displays directional arrow, direction and distance - counts down as you move closer to your saved location and counts up as you move farther away
  • Membrane switches good for one million activations - able to withstand accidental splashes

ECCO II Improvements / Added Features
- 30% Improved performance and speed to activate in operations and functionality
- Removed manual power switch - transferred to control panel on return button for better quality and dependability
- New clam shell packaging for easy set up, display and security

GPS Info Displayed: Displays GPS Satellite locations, GPS signal strength Bar graphs, longitude, latitude info and speed of signals. Menu control
- Compass Calibration: Manual / Auto - Horizontal 360 degrees with LCD text for user to see
- USB Rechargeable Battery Life: 10.5 hrs - Continuous tracking time or (normal tracking 15 hrs)
- Battery Standby Time: 16 days - 385 hrs on a single charge or up to 30days deep sleep mode
- Battery Life: 3.5 years - 7000 hrs battery life in normal use
- Ecco Arrow pointer: Large - Arrow display easier to see and understand

NB: Power adaptor not included

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