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elmeg hybird 120j
The centralised, compact communications solution for SMEs
The elmeg hybird 120j provides professional features for business telephony, IP routing, and WLAN in a single system. LAN management, xDSL internet access, and IP telephony provide high flexibility for future requirements.

Product description
The elmeg hybird family of products comprises convergent IP products which have all been based on the same operating system, the BOSS software platform. The shared software platform now unites the core strengths of elmeg telecommunications systems with those of bintec router and gateway products. The hybird 120j is a shining example of seamless integration of legacy and next-generation VoIP technology. The following standards are supported: SIP, ISDN, and POTS.

With the elmeg hybird 120j, bintec elmeg GmbH presents a new, convergent communications solution. This flexible, full-featured system provides professional IP routing, WLAN, and business telephony capabilities in a single system. The elmeg hybird 120j has been developed for use with high-speed xDSL internet connections at SMEs, home offices, branch locations, or even in the homes of consumers who desire a professional central communications solution.

The elmeg hybird 120j has been developed for companies with up to 20 users. The system provides internet access, LAN management, and a professional IP-based telephony solution. The hybird 120j provides ports both for IP and hybrid technologies. This hybird system is equipped with a wide range of telephony capabilities. With voicemail, auto attendant, mini call center applications, and even mobile subscribers, everything a small or mid-sized business needs is already included. An access router with an extensive feature set and VPN support for secure communications between headquarters and the home office is part of the package. Even Teldat's WLAN Controller software is integrated into this complete solution. The WLAN Controller allows administrators to operate and manage an access point to deploy a wireless network.

The elmeg hybird 120j comes equipped for native IP telephony and ISDN or POTS. The device supports both external IP telephony providers and dedicated SIP phones. FXO and FXS ports have been implemented to enable use with ISDN or POTS out of the box. This compact communications system includes a number of interfaces that have been implemented directly on the motherboard: 2 switchable S/U interfaces that can be used as S0 internal / S0 external or Up0 as desired. 4 FXS ports are available for connecting analog telephones, fax machines, or door intercom systems. An FXO port for connecting an analog subscriber line has also been implemented. Two analog devices can be directly connected to the RJ sockets and the system's two ISDN ports can be used directly with the RJ sockets as well. The connection of additional devices over the cable network can be performed using the wire terminals integrated into the housing.

The elmeg hybird 120j connects to an existing LAN or creates its own network via the integrated switch and four Ethernet ports. IP terminals can also be connected to the system using these ports. For media conversion (connecting legacy telecommunications equipment to IP telephones or SIP providers), the elmeg hybird comes equipped with 9 DSP channels - 4 channels with compression (G.729 and G.726 codecs) as well as 5 G.711 channels.

The base configuration of the elmeg hybird 120j is as follows: 10 terminal devices, 2 external SIP channels and 2 SIP clients. A flexible licensing model provides expansion options for the 120j.

The hybird systems provide numerous professional features as well as comprehensive team functionality and mini call center solutions. The following list of system features provides detailed information on the unit's capabilities.

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