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hybird 600 GW Bundle IP / TDM
The hybird bundles with the Media Gateway as a PRI interface

- S2M communication solution;
- hybird 600 and RT4402: A perfect couple;
- VoIP and Remote CAPI Media Gateway;
- Access Router and VPN Gateway;
- Incl. 6 x 5 'IP Channel License;
- Incl. 2 x 20 'Terminal License;
- 2 x DSP 8 (only TDM bundle).

Both product bundles include an RT4402 Media and VPN Gateway paired with the hybird 600 system. These tightly integrated components are easy to configure with the Funkwerk Configuration Interface (FCI).
The IP version is tailored for customers who mainly operate IP devices at their companies, while the TDM version was conceived for customers who mostly use conventional telephones. The bundles come set up for 60 users and 30 external channels — the corresponding licenses are included in the price and pre-installed. In addition to allowing companies to use up to two PRI ports, the bintec RT4402 enables a wide range of additional applications for implementing VPNs, Internet access gateways, and PRI virtualization.

The bintec RT4402 is a powerful and, thanks to its comprehensive equipment, flexible media and VPN gateway. With its 19-inch metal housing and highly efficient internal switched-mode power supply the fan-free and hard drive-free design guarantees long-term reliability in critical corporate applications. Two configurable ISDN PRI and two configurable BRI interfaces (NT/TE) for the use of up to 68 ISDN B-channels and the integrated 60-channel DSP permit up to 60 simultaneous hybrid voice connections (VoIP). Up to 30 connections can be licensed for fax traffic (FoIP) if required. The device has five Gigabit Ethernet ports, which can be configured for LAN, WAN or DMZ, and comes with a licence for 10 out of a possible 110 hardware-accelerated IPSec tunnels. This makes the RT4402 ideal for use as a media and VPN gateway in SMEs and company head offices.

The elmeg hybird 600 system was developed as one of the first products to fully migrate to our unified software platform. This common software platform unites the core competencies of the elmeg telecommunication systems with those of the bintec router and gateway products. hybird stands for seamless integration of futureproof IP technology with conventional technology and support for the corresponding standards including internal and external SIP.

The elmeg hybird systems were developed as pure IP–PABX with the possibility of using hybrid technologies via an extremely flexible module concept. Investment security was of particular importance during the development; i.e. reusing existing infrastructure and equipment such as telephones for example (2nd and 4th existing system telephones via a new SW release), external applications etc.

hybird 600 does not have fixed TDM ports; meaning therefore that the basic configuration is a pure IP system.

Integrated applications such as the mini call center, hotel application, TAPI, and voice applications leave nothing to be desired.

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