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The centralised, compact communications solution for SMEs
- Communications center for SMEs with up to 30 users
- Integrated ADSL 2+ modem (Annex B, J)
- Telephony system, IP-based with ISDN and POTS
- Integrated IP router with VPN
- WLAN Controller solution for one bintec access point
- Voice solutions: voicemail, auto attendant, ...
- Configuration via Web browser—custom user portal

The elmeg hybird 130j provides professional features for business telephony, IP routing, and WLAN in a single system. LAN management, xDSL internet access, and IP telephony provide high flexibility for future requirements.

Product description
The elmeg hybird family of products comprises convergent IP products which have all been based on the same operating system, the BOSS software platform. The shared software platform now unites the core strengths of elmeg telecommunications systems with those of bintec router and gateway products. The hybird 130j is a shining example of seamless integration of legacy and next-generation VoIP technology. The following standards are supported: SIP, ISDN, and POTS.

With the elmeg hybird 130j, bintec elmeg GmbH presents a new, convergent communications solution. This flexible, full-featured system provides professional IP routing, WLAN, and business telephony capabilities in a single system. The elmeg hybird 130 has been developed for use with high-speed xDSL internet connections at SMEs, home offices, branch locations, or even in the homes of consumers who desire a professional central communications solution.

The elmeg hybird 130j has been developed for companies with up to 30 users. The system provides internet access, LAN management, and a professional IP-based telephony solution. The hybird 130j provides ports both for IP and hybrid technologies. This hybird system is equipped with a wide range of telephony capabilities. With voicemail, auto attendant, mini call center applications, and even mobile subscribers, everything a small or mid-sized business needs is already included. An access router with an extensive feature set and VPN support for secure communications between headquarters and the home office is part of the package. Even Teldat's WLAN Controller software is integrated into this complete solution. The WLAN Controller allows administrators to operate and manage an access point to deploy a wireless network.

The elmeg hybird 130j comes equipped for native IP telephony and ISDN or POTS. The device supports both external IP telephony providers and dedicated SIP phones. FXO and FXS ports have been implemented to enable use with ISDN or POTS out of the box. This compact communications system includes a number of interfaces that have been implemented directly on the motherboard: 2 switchable S/U interfaces that can be used as S0 internal / S0 external or Up0 as desired and in addition two fixed UP0. 6 FXS ports are available for connecting analog telephones, fax machines, or door intercom systems. An FXO port for connecting an analog subscriber line has also been implemented. Two analog devices can be directly connected to the RJ sockets and the system's two ISDN ports can be used directly with the RJ sockets as well. The connection of additional devices over the cable network can be performed using the wire terminals integrated into the housing.

The elmeg hybird 130j connects to an existing LAN or creates its own network via the integrated switch and four Ethernet ports. IP terminals can also be connected to the system using these ports. For media conversion (connecting legacy telecommunications equipment to IP telephones or SIP providers), the elmeg hybird comes equipped with 9 DSP channels - 4 channels with compression (G.729 and G.726 codecs) as well as 5 G.711 channels. In addition the system has a contact for switching purposes.

The base configuration of the elmeg hybird 130j is as follows: 10 terminal devices, 2 external SIP channels and 2 SIP clients. A flexible licensing model provides expansion options for the 130j.

The hybird systems provide numerous professional features as well as comprehensive team functionality and mini call center solutions. The following list of system features provides detailed information on the unit's capabilities.

Terminals with system telephony features
The new elmeg S530/560 system telephones are used as digital terminals. This family of terminal devices is perfectly tailored to the feature set of the hybird systems. Menus provide for excellent usability. The elmeg hybird assumes centralized management duties for the system telephones. Consequently, the system telephones are configured from the hybird system. The main configuration parameters are transferred directly to the system telephones. This makes it much easier to configure the system-there is no longer a need to perform configurations directly on the telephone.

As IP system telephones elmeg IP120/IP130/IP140 are used. Here are no SIP-Client licenses at the hybird system required. There is an automated setup via the hybird communication system (auto provisioning). This terminals access the central system telephone book of the hybird via LDAP. Advanced features like BLF keys and MWI signalling are supported.

Safeguarding previous investments was also a high priority in developing the hybird systems. As a result, existing infrastructure or equipment such as the system telephones elmeg CS290, CS400xt, CS410 or elmeg IP-S290/IP-S400 can continue to be used.

Integrated router solution
The hybird 130j provides more than just professional telephony. A fully-featured and extremely flexible router has been integrated into the elmeg hybird 130j. Also included is an integrated ADSL 2+ modem that supports Annex J ADSL. The elmeg hybird 130j's four Gigabit Ethernet ports can be configured as desired for use as part of a LAN, WAN, or DMZ. Two VPN tunnels and two PPTP connections that require no additional licenses are also included.

The routing solution of the elmeg hybird 130j provides features that go far beyond mere routing capabilities, allowing the 130j to also be integrated into complex IT infrastructures. Comprehensive multicast support makes the device ideal for use in multimedia and streaming environments. The Stateful Inspection Firewall (SIF) provides packet filtering for effective protection against attacks from the internet.

Quality of Service is more than just a slogan with the elmeg / bintec devices. With the increasing convergence of voice and data, classifying streams of data has become more important. This routing solution provides QoS functionality that allows VoIP traffic, for instance, to be given higher priority than normal internet traffic, ensuring there is always sufficient bandwidth for IP voice applications. It's also possible to give regular data priority over e-mail traffic. Furthermore, the bintec QoS implementation makes it possible to give voice data preference, for instance over e-mail data, within a VPN tunnel. The DNS proxy feature supports your LAN by handling address translation and the integrated DHCP server can automatically perform the IP configuration for your client PCs. The integrated IPSec implementation uses both pre-shared keys and certificates. This makes it possible to build a public key infrastructure to provide maximum security.

Integrated WLAN Controller
The integrated WLAN Controller in the complact elmeg hybird systems allows administrators to set up and manage bintec access points, even without in-depth knowledge of wireless networking. The automatic RF (radio frequency) management system handles the time-consuming search for free wireless channels and automatically selects the best channels for the access point.
- Wizard-guided installation in just five steps
- Support for bintec W1002n, WIx40n, and WIx65n devices
- Automatic detection and installation of brand-new access points
- Frequency management with automatic radio channel selection
- VLAN and multi-SSID support
- Changing a configuration such as adding a new SSID and redistributing the devices only takes a few clicks and can be done in just a few seconds' time.
- Configuration management: the configuration is stored in a central location and is automatically re-broadcast, for instance in the event of an electrical outage.

Additional access points can be added to the wireless LAN at any time. In this case, the WLAN Controller of an access point configured as an AP must be used instead of the hybird's integrated controller.

Management and user portals
The management of the compact elmeg hybird systems is carried out using the FCI configuration interface through a Web browser and requires a username and password for access. The FCI is a Web-based graphical user interface that can be accessed via HTTP or the encrypted HTTPS protocol from any PC with a current Web browser. Administrators can also configure the devices locally or remotely using telnet, SSH, or an ISDN login. Administrators are provided assistance here in the form of context-sensitive help.

Users can adjust the settings for important features themselves through dedicated user portals, saving the administrator work. The integrated applications (mini call center, telephone book management, etc.) also each have their own individual portals. This allows companies to assign the administration of the integrated solutions to a specific employee.

Integrated voice applications
Mini call center
The mini call center is a dedicated solution with its own administrator access and provides features for a small call center team of up to 16 employees. This solution is ideal for smaller groups within the company with high and varying call volumes such as internal sales, support, order hotlines, order processing, and customer service.

- Flexible allocation of lines and agents to the call center Supervisors can make changes on the fly (according to call volume)
- Queue management (calls distributed to agents after a break)
- Statistics on lines and agents
- Web portal for administration

Voice applications
- The integrated voice applications are based on WAV files and provide a wide range of solutions:
- Auto attendant: with the option of selecting the desired department by entering a number on the keypad after the announcement, or dialing an extension directly
- MoH: customized music is played to callers on hold
- Greeting / announcement: recorded message for the caller, for instance hours of operation

Calendars are used to schedule features and applications to run on specific dates at specific times. There are calendars for the team features (call types), nighttime answering service, door intercom functionality, class of service, etc.

The newly developed elmeg hybird TAPI interface is 64-bit compatible and allows for a wide variety of CTI applications. The compatibility to ESTOS and C4B enables the integration of CTI functions in different applications (Exchange, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Tobit, David, CRM systems etc). All system telephones as well as analogue and ISDN standard terminals can be connected via the "new" TAPI. The interface enables TAPI clients to be connected to the LAN; either with or without using a TAPI server.

External applications server

The connection to MS Exchange implements the following unified messaging functions:
- Voice Messaging – access to messages, appointments, contacts and voice messages by voice/tone dialling; any messages in the mailbox are read.
- Voice control – any messages in the mailbox can be controlled using your voice.
- Answering machine – the exchange mailbox can be used as an answering machine.
- Auto Attendant (16 languages) – transfer of calls with possibility to search in address book as well.

elmeg hybird provides an integrated LDAP server. LDAP-capable devices such as standard IP telephones can access the central system telephone book of the hybird. Accessing the private telephone book of a user is also possible — with username and password protection.

To equip employees with cordless telephones, a DECToIP system can be connected to the hybird using the SIP protocol — without an integrated module. This mobility solution combines two proven technologies: DECT is employed to connect base stations and terminal devices (good radio coverage and voice quality), and IP is used between the DECT base stations and the elmeg hybird. Radio coverage can be adapted to the site of the installation thanks to the flexibility of positioning base stations and DECT repeaters.

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