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SIP DECT multi cell manager
- Seamless roaming and handover
- Global hybird phonebook integrated in handsets
- MWI signaling for voice mail
- Voicemail key
- Joining 3-party conference with handsets D130 / D140
- No SIP client license necessary

The elmeg DECT200M is the management component of the DECT200 system. It is integrated with the elmeg hybird systems and can manage up to 20 DECT200 base stations, providing seamless cordless phone coverage for elmeg D130 and D140 handsets.

Product description
The elmeg DECT200M Manager is the management tool of the elmeg DECT200 base stations and can accommodate up to 100 users. The Manager is based on the same housing as the base stations, but does not provide DECT connectivity. An elmeg DECT system must always include at least one DECT200 base station.

Up to 30 phone calls can be conducted simultaneously over the company LAN using the SIP protocol. The elmeg DECT200M DECT Manager controls up to 20 elmeg DECT200 base stations and guarantees seamless roaming and handover between the base stations. The Manager and its base stations can be connected using their Power over Ethernet LAN ports, allowing greater installation flexibility and freedom from electrical outlet locations.

The base stations require no other cabling to synchronize. A synchronization chain needs to be created in order to ensure flawless handover. The radio cell coverage of the individual base stations must overlap to establish the chain. We therefore recommend you optimize the position of the base stations according to your network planning by conducting a DECT site survey to ensure the DECT200 multi-cell system can operate properly.

The elmeg DECT200 system is an ideal solution for providing seamless coverage over large areas that include multiple levels of a building.

To make set up a breeze, the DECT base stations are tightly integrated with the hybird systems. The base stations are managed centrally, similar to the elmeg system telephones, via a web interface on the hybird system. Zero Touch Provisioning simplifies setup by handling practically everything except registering your handsets to their base stations.

To keep you completely up-to-date with all the latest developments for your DECT system, you can update the firmware of your DECT base station via the central elmeg hybird system.

The elmeg DECT130 and elmeg DECT140 handsets allow you to access the hybird's TAPI-based system phone book. You can easily look up contacts in the system phone book and what's more, the name of the caller can be displayed for incoming calls if desired. Users can also keep their personal contacts stored locally in the separate contact list integrated into each handset.

The elmeg hybird family's voicemail system allows you to set up a flexible voicemail box for each handset. As soon as you have a new message, your DECT handset will of course alert you with a blinking message button. Press the button, and you're connected directly to your voicemail box with voice menus.

And of course our DECT handsets are also standards-compliant. TAPI- and CAPI-based products from our partners allow you to fully integrate your cordless telephony solution into business workflows. The result is extensive integration thanks to a wide range of available CTI applications. The compatibility with ESTOS and C4B allows the integration of CTI functionality in numerous applications such as Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, Lotus Notes, Tobit David, and other CRM systems. The interface lets you integrate TAPI clients over the LAN - with or without a TAPI server.

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