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Adobe Flash Media Streaming Server 3 software is the affordable next step up from using progressive download to deliver video. It offers dramatically improved performance, more secure streaming, live streaming enhancements, industry-standard H.264 and HE-AAC support, and streaming delivery to mobile phones with Adobe Flash Lite 3 and Adobe Media Player software.
- Ready to stream right out of the box.
- Unlimited bandwidth and users.
- Major performance gains.
- More secure content delivery.
- H.264 video and HE-AAC audio.
- Live video support.
- Mobile delivery to Flash Lite 3.
- Logging.
- Network efficiency.
- Bandwidth detection.
- Advanced seek feature.

Ready to stream right out of the box
Prebuilt services for live and on-demand streaming, combined with new documentation and an integrated help system, allow you to start streaming high-quality, more secure video with a few clicks after you install Flash Media Streaming Server 3.

Unlimited bandwidth and users
Flash Media Streaming Server 3 provides single-server support with no restriction on the amount of bandwidth streamed or number of connected users. To provide even more capacity, upgrade to Flash Media Interactive Server, which features an Origin/Edge architecture with virtually unlimited scaling potential.

Major performance gains
Video streaming performance more than doubles in Flash Media Server 3, allowing more streams and users per server. These performance and scaling enhancements, combined with new pricing, make high-quality, more secure Flash Media Server streaming an attractive alternative to progressive download.

More secure content delivery
Flash Media Streaming Server 3 features RTMPE, an enhanced version of Adobe's Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), with higher performance and 128-bit encryption to help secure streamed media and communication. A new verification feature protects SWF files from being reused, modified, or hosted in unauthorized locations.

H.264 video and HE-AAC audio
Industry-standard H.264 video and HE-AAC audio streaming provide support for up to 1080p HD delivery to Adobe Flash Player, Adobe AIR, and Adobe Media Player. Given the broad support of H.264 video in the industry, customers can leverage most of their existing encoded content without having to re-encode, helping reduce the cost of delivery.

Live video support
Robust, high-performance live streaming of H.264 and On2 VP6 video is supported in conjunction with Flash Media Encoder 2, providing around-the-clock live video feeds for news, events, and social media sites in order to deliver content and support a high volume of subscribers in real time.

Mobile delivery to Flash Lite 3
Both live and video-on-demand streams can be delivered to a growing number of mobile phones that support the Adobe Flash Lite 3 platform. The same video experience in the browser can now be delivered smoothly to mobile devices.

W3C-compliant ASCII logs, a real-time usage monitor, and a complete API for server and stream events ensure you have all the tools you need to track and generate reports on your audience's content usage.

Network efficiency
Unlike progressive download, Flash Media Server 3 streaming uses only the bandwidth required, since the only bits that are viewed are transferred to the client over the network.

Bandwidth detection
Detect the client connection speed and serve up video at the appropriate bit rate —no "choose size of video" messages to your end users.

Advanced seek feature
Enable your viewers to immediately jump to any part of the video regardless of the length of the video or whether it has all been downloaded yet.

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