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FUJITSU FI-6110 DOCUMENT SCANNER A4 IN                               IN PERP (PA03607-B061)



Introduces professional scanning functionality to the desktop. This document scanner is an ideal entry level choice for small and mid-sized businesses looking for a more efficient and productive way of handling their documents. In combination with custom software solutions for document management and archiving, it will substantially and sustainably simplify everyday office routines.

The Fujitsu fi-6110 introduces professional scanning functionality to the desktops of small and mid-sized companies. At the same time, it makes the capturing process faster and easier, preparing the scanned documents perfectly for the subsequent workflow steps. This document scanner makes an ideal entry choice for businesses looking for a more efficient and productive way of handling their documents.

The fi-6110 is extremely compact and works quickly and silently, making it an ideal choice for busy offices. It is one of the smallest document scanners in the market and can easily handle in excess of 500 documents per day and scan at speeds of 20 pages per minute in colour. A duplex scanner, the fi-6110 can scan the front and back page of a document at the same time.

Intelligent paper handling
With a loading capacity of 50 sheets, the fi-6110 has an extremely straight paper path and, thanks to its ultrasonic multi-feed detection, is able to process mixed paper batches consisting of thick, thin or double-sided papers, and even folded A3 formats (when using the included carrier sheet) or creased and crinkled papers. The durable consumables of the scanner such as the pick roller or the separation pad are easily accessible and replaceable.

fi-6110 document scanner
Different scan profiles empower the user to activate a variety of advanced scanning options without needing to worry about individual settings in the course of regular scanning tasks. Functionality options are diverse – including capturing mixed batches and transforming these into searchable PDF files or utilizing bandwidth saving colour options.

Outstanding image quality - improved
CCD technology image sensor technology at the heart of the fi-6110 is derived from high-end pro-scanning solutions. It improves image quality decisively through a higher focal depth, so users can comfortably rely on the fi-6110’s capability to create high quality images from a wide variety of documents, whether thick, thin, shaded, creased, crumpled, smudged or stained. Automated functions enable the user to scan various documents at one time. In addition to the Blank Page Deletion function which removes blank pages from document image data, the fi-6110 features Automatic Paper Size Detection and page rotation functions usually only found on high-end scanners. This functionality ensures that scans always come out the proper size and orientation.

Enterprise Content Management for Smaller Businesses
The fi-6110 makes document sorting before scanning unnecessary, so users can experience efficient, uninterrupted scanner operation. The [Scan/Stop] and [Send to] buttons on the fi-6110 operator panel can be configured to perform scanning routines by simply pressing a button. The configuration would allow for linking specified processes to individual job routine numbers that enable either switching between different scanning profiles, or between different targets like folders or applications like Email recipients or printers. Using this type of routine set up will even let users scan documents into Microsoft SharePoint environments. Knowledge workers in small and mid size business environments can use all these types of repositories, without having to become technical experts. Reduced cost of training is a bonus.

Convenient, quiet and secure
Enhanced performance comes in a compact package, with a desktop-friendly 292 x 143 x 130 mm footprint that allows convenient installation even when space is at a premium. It keeps cost-of-ownership down, too. Quiet operation reduces distraction in open-plan, hot-desk offices.

PaperStream IP – high quality image processing
Built on TWAIN / ISIS standards, PaperStream IP is the scanner driver for Fujitsu fi-series image scanners. With its advanced black and white and colour processing, a range of documents can be automatically and easily converted into image data suitable for complex post capture processing -producing for example highly accurate OCR results. High quality image data can be created without defining scanner settings in advance, as PaperStream IP will aim to optimise this automatically for every sheet.

PaperStream Capture – enhanced batch scanning
PaperStream Capture enhances the data capture process from adjusting scanning settings to performing batch scanning, verifying data and releasing to directories, repositories or subsequent process routines. Users can complete data capture tasks easily with the extremely user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI). Moving scanned batches into a queue for later retrieval is possible as well.

Seamless linkage with PaperStream IP provides for high quality image processing and simplified batch scanning operation at the same time.

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