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It protects:
Comet, Galaxy, Galaxy PW, Galaxy 1000PW, SineWave EPS 6000

Monitor-Pac offers MGE UPS SYSTEMS product users a solution for the supervision of their installation which:

-is suited to users' needs (electrical, maintenance and site managers)
-is used on standard PCs
-simplifies maintenance using MGE Teleservice.

User friendly graphical interfaces, generates reports and detects alarms, while simultaneously acquiring, processing and logging data from all channels processed.
The Monitor-Pac interface is available in more than 20 languages including Greek, Russian and non alphabetic languages such as Chinese, Mandarin...

Monitor-Pac can support up to 255 equipment. Two configuration modes Monitor-Pac proposes two access levels for the configuration of your supervision system, with a user-friendly interface to guide the user:

-the Installation Wizard
-the Advanced Edit mode, for a customised version

With the Installation Wizard, even inexperienced users will find it easy to define their installation. All you have to do is name your devices, enter their communication parameters and place them on one of the predefined diagrams. The Installation Wizard will automatically create your standard supervision screens.

With the equally user-friendly Monitor-Pac Advanced Edit mode, you can fully customise your supervision system and access an even greater number of data. The Advanced Edit mode lets you change, add, delete and configure any item in your supervision system. By placing objects on pages and creating links between pages, you can build from scratch the supervision system that you really need.
Functions Global supervision

The display functions of Monitor-Pac will allow you to simultaneously display all the information concerning your equipment: mimic disgram, alarms, trend curves, measurements.

Monitoring and display

The Monitor-Pac predefined windows allow rapid access to equipment and its information. For example: a generic UPS window displays information on battery and charge level, alarms, etc. You can also monitor a measurement with trend curve type graphs.

Status's, measurements

Just one click and you can obtain information on status's, measurements and alarms for part of your equipment ! Each part is coloured according to the current alarm level: major alarm, minor alarm or normal. One glance is enough to " read " your installation.

Animated mimic diagrams

Mimic diagrams provide the most practical means of obtaining an overview of your equipment.

Curves, graphs

Measurements can be displayed as curves, bargraphs, scroll-down trend graphs... Important measurements are saved when changes are made. They can be consulted and edited in curve form or even exported to another application (spreadsheet, word processing, etc.) using a standard format.

Storage, logging and use of your operating events

The Monitor-Pac Alarm Diary stores all alarm appearances and acknowledgements. The Alarm Diary is equipped with functions for sorting, associating comments with an alarm, printing and exporting.

Password protected remote control.

Monitor-Pac allows remote control of the installation. With Monitor-Pac you can remotely stop and start communicating equipment. For safety reasons these controls are protected by a password.

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