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EATON 42U Rack Enclosure -2000 (1052736)

EATON 42U Rack Enclosure -2000


Superior rack enclosures for IT equipment
IT availability and reliability are critical issues in today’s demanding environments, so it is important to ensure stable conditions for your server and software systems.

Eaton introduces a range of enclosures and accessories for your network closets, computer rooms and data centres.

Designed specifically for IT applications, this 42U x 600mm (w) x 1000mm (d) modern enclosure offers strength, stability and a vendor-neutral environment to house IT equipment.

The Eaton Enclosure allows for ultimate baying flexibility to create additional space, and the 16-fold unique frame design delivers the highest dimensional stability and load bearing capability. The
enclosure is complemented with a range of cable management, cooling and power distribution accessories to enable you to tailor your enclosures to your specific application.

- Designed specifically for IT applications.
- Universal server platform (EIA 310-D).
- Full line of accessories.
- Excellent heat dissipation.
- Strong frame structure.

Reliable Power distribution for:
- Data centres.
- Wiring closets.
- Office environments.
- Central offices.
- Co-location and application environments.

- Frame system – multi-fold steel frame design for strength and rigidity.
- No horizontal or vertical supports, keeping entire structure open for equipment and cable management.
- Perforated roof with four 114 mm holes with grommets for overhead cable management.
- Torsion-free structure.
- Multiple internal surfaces and mounting points.
- Maximum internal volume for footprint.
- External access to all installation points for doors and walls.
- Maximum load bearing capacity – 907kg.

External Surfaces – Doors and Walls
- Doors can be easily removed or reversed.
- Sidewalls can be screwed on or locked in place.
- Internal door hinge and lock points offer maximum security.
- Door stiffener stabilizes door and provides additional mounting surfaces.
- Maximum perforated door area meets or exceeds server manufacturer specifications for air flow.
- Ground studs on all surfaces.
- External surfaces do not affect load bearing capacity – same ratings with or without side walls.
- Door handle provides customised locking solutions and simple ID tag capability.
- Split rear doors to maximise floor space availability.

Vertical Mounting Rails
- Designed to meet EIA-310-D standards.
- Fully depth-adjustable to maintain load capacity regardless of rail positioning
- Floating isolation system – vertical rails are not secured to frame members or lateral support channels – can be adjusted independently.
- “Z”-shaped, multi-fold profile offers high load-bearing capacity and multiple mounting surfaces.
- “U” markings on front and rear near surfaces of each rail for ease of installation.

Key Accessories
- Sidewalls - for security and thermal control.
- Baying kits - for universal flexibility in joining enclosures together.
- Shelves – (482mm) 68kg – 113kg capacities.
- Casters - for ease of movement on flat surfaces.
- Tool-less cable management hardware reduces installation time and costs.
- Bolt-down kits - for securing cabinets in place.
- Tool-less blanking panels - to control airflow and improve cooling efficiency.
- Plinths, roof fans and pull out stabilisers.
- Compliment your Eaton rack enclosure with Eaton Enclosure Power Distribution Units - ePDUs.
- For a full list of accessories and ePDUs please speak with your local Eaton representative.

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