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DELL PowerConnect W-AP175P  Wireless Access Point Dual Radio 802_11n PoE Powered Mounting Sun Shield (210-36377)

DELL PowerConnect W-AP175P Wireless AccessPoint Dual Radio 802_11n PoE Powered Mounting Sun Shield


Hardened access point designed for prolonged outdoor exposure

Create reliable, high-speed WiFi networks for campuses, industrial parks and other harsh open-air environments with PowerConnect™ W-AP175 outdoor access points (APs).

- Dual-band, dual-radio APs for high-performance outdoor 802.11n and legacy 802.11a/b/g clients
- Up to 300 Mbps per radio data rate with quad antenna interfaces
- Hardened, fully-sealed design for withstanding prolonged outdoor exposure

Designed for the outdoors
Set up your outdoor Wi-Fi™ network with confidence. PowerConnect™ W-AP175 access points are built for harsh environments.

High performance, fully hardened

As you set up your outdoor Wi-Fi™ network, you need wireless APs that can survive extreme temperatures and persistent moisture and precipitation. Dell™ PowerConnect™ W-AP175 outdoor APs are engineered to provide flexible, reliable, long-term service that will meet your network performance needs.

- Two 2 x 2 MIMO dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz radios with quad antenna interfaces
- Wire-like 300 Mbps with a maximum aggregate transmit power of up to 25 dBm per radio
- Air monitor for detecting wireless intrusions and interference
- Fully sealed for protection from airborne contaminants
- 802.3af PoE power source provided on the Ethernet interface on AC- and DC-powered models
- Industrial-strength surge protection for all electrical interfaces
- Wall and mast mounting options

Wire-like performance

Blur the lines between wired and wireless performance. With up to 300 Mbps data rate per radio plus Dell’s unique Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) and spectrum analysis capabilities that help mitigate RF interference, Wi-Fi client performance is fast and clear.

The multifunction W-AP175 can be configured through the Dell’s PowerConnect Mobility Controller to provide wireless LAN access with:
- Part-time air monitoring
- Dedicated air monitoring for a wireless intrusion prevention system (IPS) and spectrum analysis
- Remote AP (RAP) functionality
- Secure enterprise mesh

Configuring W-AP175s with centralized mobility controllers helps enable wireless-network speed and reliability comparable to that of a wired LAN. Channel bonding, block acknowledgement and MIMO radios also increase performance while advanced antenna technology enhances range and reliability.

Advanced RF management

Build your network to better serve all users with Dell’s ARM technology. By adjusting to how Wi-Fi clients interact, ARM helps ensure that data, voice and video applications have sufficient network resources to operate properly. Key ARM features include:

- Spectrum load balancing that uniformly distributes clients across channels in high-density environments
- Noise awareness, which dynamically shifts clients away from channels hampered by outside interference
- Band-steering. which enables APs with both radios available to dynamically transfer clients away from the crowded 2.4GHz spectrum and allows users to define client ratios across different bands
- Airtime fairness that delivers equal airtime access to all Wi-Fi clients, regardless of the client type, wireless chip or operating system

High-definition video and toll-quality voice

Deploy HD-quality video and toll-quality voice across your wireless environment with PowerConnect W-Series APs and centralized controllers. Key video and voice features include:

- Dynamic Multicast Optimization technology that supports more than 15 live high-definition multicast video streams per radio

- ARM technology that is designed to:

- Automate channel assignments
- Increase capacity as coverage expands
- Protect against neighboring wireless interference
- Ensure airtime fairness for clients
- Help ensure fair client distribution across 2.4GHz/5GHz frequency bands and multiple 802.11 channels

- Device fingerprinting technology that helps secure reliable, high-quality voice over Wi-Fi without disabling automated channel management

Powered by Aruba Networks
Aruba Networks® ArubaOS™ serves as the operating system and application engine for all Dell PowerConnect W-Series controllers, access point and guest access system devices.

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