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Du er her Forsiden Datautstyr PC-komponenter Vifter og Kjølesystemer Vannkjøling Deepcool GamerStorm Castle 240 RGB
Deepcool GamerStorm Castle 240 RGB (DP-GS-H12L-CSL240RGB)
Deepcool GamerStorm Castle 240 RGB (DP-GS-H12L-CSL240RGB)
Deepcool GamerStorm Castle 240 RGB (DP-GS-H12L-CSL240RGB)
Deepcool GamerStorm Castle 240 RGB (DP-GS-H12L-CSL240RGB)

Deepcool GamerStorm Castle 240 RGB

Redaktørens valg på … it presents value for money and definitely a quality cooler
Anbefalt av Quiet cooling, bright and vibrant lighting, good value for money and simple installation
Anbefalt av … you’re getting a great AIO liquid CPU cooler both in performance and looks
Anbefalt av … most striking RGB lighting effects we've seen on a CPU cooler
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Deepcool GamerStorm Castle 240 RGB

"We were highly impressed with the design of the cooler as a whole, whether it was switched on or off. In addition, it is remarkably light to hold. It’s no exaggeration to say that this feels about half the weight of a usual 240mm AIO cooler.

As for ease of use, in terms of installation, I suspect that any difficulties you have will only be in deciphering the manual. For anyone experienced with coolers, this shouldn’t be a problem. For those new though, it might take a little time to make sure you get all the parts correctly fitted to your system and then above that, ensuring you have the cables all fitted correctly.

Once installed though, whether using the manual controller or the sync capability, this cooler is fantastically easy to use." -
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"Deepcool, a company which has impressed us on many fronts recently, has again struck all the notes required for a quality product.

Performance may not be chart-topping, but it’s certainly more than good enough for any system, especially those remaining within the normal realms of 95w TDP CPUs, within which the Ryzen 7 and Core i7 CPUs currently reside. Our 3930K features a 130w TDP, which easily creeps towards 160-170w when overclocked to 4.4GHz. Handling a “worst case scenario” like that, without causing too much of a fuss, is a good sign!

The RGB lighting is genuinely beautiful. The LEDs transition well and the effects between the pump enclosure and fans are synchronised perfectly. Including the RGB header cables as well as the in-line controls for users such as ourselves, lacking the necessary motherboard header, is a good example of thinking of the customer. We also see support from MSI, ASRock, Gigabyte and ASUS in terms of RGB Sync with the motherboard." -
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"Deepcool has a long history with AIO liquid CPU coolers which not only looked great (thanks to their reactor pumps) but also offered very good cooling efficiency numbers. The CASTLE 240RGB takes things up a notch not only in terms of cooling efficiency since it’s better than most AIOs by Deepcool to date but also looks due to the RGB fans and the rather impressive RGB illumination of the pump." -
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"Deepcool might not yet be a household name, however the Chinese manufacturer continues to impress with eye-catching products that tend to offer something a little different to the norm.

The latest such example is the Gamer Storm Castle 240RGB. Priced at £96 and backed by a three-year warranty, this all-in-one solution stands out from the crowd courtesy of a high-profile pump flaunting some of the most striking RGB lighting effects we've seen on a CPU cooler.

Bottom line: want to make sure your next build is as pretty as it is powerful? Deepcool's Gamer Storm Castle 240RGB ought to be on your shortlist." -
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DEEPCOOL, the company that specializes in water-cooled and illuminated cases for the PC enthusiast has just introduced a brand new AIO liquid cooler- CASTLE 240RGB, suitable for Intel and AMD based systems. Its featured built-in double window panes and 16.7M true color lighting system provide a perfect display of aesthetic illumination. Its ultra-large, pure copper CPU block and its optimized E-shaped micro water channel designed to enlarge heat contact areas and effectively enhance heat circulation efficiency meet users' needs for high performance and aesthetics

The brand new water-block comes with double window panes and an immersive ambient lighting design which provides a perfect display of aesthetic illumination. In addition, the synchronized RGB lighting system of waterblock and fans are easily controlled with a wired controller (included)

The 16.7M true color RGB flowing light system with 5 in-built effects (dynamic, static, breathing, comet, and fashion collision) has 36 interchangeable lighting modes and also supports motherboards with synchronized lighting control via an addressable RGB function*

The optimized E-shaped micro water channel design effectively enhances heat circulation efficiency and enlarges heat contact areas

It seamlessly supports the TR4/AM4 and mainstream Intel & AMD socket types

The latest 120mm RGB case fans provide a flowing lighting effect, designed for builders with addressable RGB-enabled PCs to match your system's style perfectly

Exhaustive damping technologies successfully minimize noise while maximizing airflow.

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