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CREATIVE IROAR MIC .                                IN ACCS (70SB167000000)


Varenr: 70SB167000000
Lagerstatus: Forventet på lager 05.10.2017
Ekspertomtaler: 1 omtaler
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The Creative iRoar Mic is specially designed to transform the Creative iRoar (sold separately) or Sound Blaster Roar Pro (sold separately) into a personal PA system (Public Address system) when you pair them. It also works together with Sound Blaster Roar Pro (sold separately) to deliver clear and loud voice, which is great for power presentations, public speaking, and teaching, storytelling or karaoke sessions!

An All-round Audio Solution
The iRoar Mic is a pocket-sized audio solution packed with high performance and convenience. Clip it to clothes, hold or hang for a versatile and convenient delivery of your performance. Either way, you will be heard beautifully.
Great sound matters. A bespoke accessory for the iRoar and the Roar Pro speakers, the iRoar Mic is designed for speech and vocals - perfect for presentations, public speaking, lectures or even your karaoke sessions!
Pair the iRoar Mic with the Creative iRoar (sold separately) or the Sound Blaster Roar Pro (sold separately) and you'll get a personal PA system.

Strong, Clear Vocals Powered by RapidTalk
RapidTalk is a patent pending smart wireless technology enabling quick and easy, high performance sound transmission. It emits pulses to locate and pair with the nearest device then scans for multiple free frequency bands to schedule transmissions of ultra short bursts of audio content.
Thanks to RapidTalk, you can enjoy minimal delays between the time when you speak into the microphone and the time it gets sent wirelessly to the Creative iRoar (sold separately) or Sound Blaster Roar Pro (sold separately) speaker. RapidTalk not only transmits your voice, it also transmits high quality audio via the line-in jack. With minimal delays and interferences in audio reproduction, you can ace your presentations, lectures or even your karaoke sessions!

Multiple Connectivity Options for Your Vocal Needs
Take joy in singing with three input options to choose from. Simply play songs directly through the Creative iRoar (sold separately) or Sound Blaster Roar Pro (sold separately) via micro USB, line-in jack or microSD card. Alternatively, connect your music player and play music via the iRoar Mic. If you take your singing seriously, you can connect an external dynamic or electret condenser mic to enjoy a fantastic singing experience.

Empower Your Voice with Emotion Amplifier
Have fun with your friends and change your voice in fun and amazing ways with Voice Morph. With Emotion Amplifier, you can add intensity to your voice and tone for expressing emotions with just a push of a button. Change the pitch of your voice with many crazy sound effects to choose from. There's nothing funnier than sounding like an alien or a crazy chipmunk. This feature works with your iRoar so you can enjoy preset sound effects like Emo, Dwarf, Demon, Robot and more!

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