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LP-E4 Lithium-Ion battery pack

The new battery pack is exclusively made for the EOS-1D Mark III and cannot be used in earlier EOS models. When installed, the EOS-1D Mark III is about ½ lb. (approx. 220g) lighter than its predecessor

Easier to carry and hold in your hands, the higher-capacity LP-E4 battery pack lets you shoot approximately 2,200 shots on one charge!

Memory Chip
A memory chip in the battery pack provides comprehensive information to the user via the camera's menu. It's also the reason why the camera has a six-stage battery check icon in the viewfinder and on the top LCD panel, which are constantly visible.

The new LP-E4 battery pack weighs 180g/6.3 oz and has a capacity of approximately 2,200 shots at 23°C/73°F
(conforming to CIPA industry test standards)

CIPA Industry Test Standards
At 73°F (20°C), a fully-charged battery can power the camera for up to 2,200 images. Even at the freezing point (32°F, 0°C), the LP-E4 battery is good for up to 1,700 images.

Charging the battery:
The EOS-1D Mark III ships with a dedicated LC-E4 battery charger, which is for exclusive use with the new LP-E4 battery packs. One or two batteries can be attached and charged; if two packs are connected, the charger fully charges one battery first, and then the next. Full charging takes about two hours per battery pack.
Unlike the previous-generation battery charger, LEDs clearly indicate the EOS-1D Mark III battery’s state of charge, with clear indicators printed on the charger to alert the user when a battery is fully charged. The battery charger can also be used to Calibrate LP-E4 battery packs – more on that in a moment. Like virtually all Canon chargers, the LP-E4 is a multi-voltage charger than can travel almost anywhere, needing only a plug adapter. AC voltage from 100v to 240v are automatically sensed, and no voltage converter is needed.

Attach two LP-E4 battery packs to a LC-E4 charger unit at one time. It takes approximately two hours to recharge
one battery pack.

Battery Info on the camera’s menu:
This is really new. The EOS-1D Mark III is the first Canon camera to be able to comprehensively communicate between battery and camera, and report precise information to the user. For users who want to quickly be able to check the status of their EOS-1D Mark III battery, one suggestion is to add Battery Info to the six available choices from within the "My Menu" setting which allows a user to set and access their favorite or most commonly-used settings quickly and easily.

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