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IRIS Scan Book 3 (457888)

IRIS Scan Book 3

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IRIScan™ Book 3

Scan from books & magazines
without computer

IRIScan™ Book 3 is a portable scanner that allows you to scan books and magazines anytime, anywhere and without ripping pages off. Simply roll your way across the document.

Scan books, magazines, newspapers, letters,… without ripping pages off!
Just slide your scanner over the document you want to scan, and create a high resolution image instantly (up to 900 dpi). Thanks to the high quality optical sensor and the wheels under the scanner, scanning has never been so fast (3 seconds per page), no matter the surface you are scanning (books, magazines or, newspapers). IRIScan Book 3 is the perfect solution for scanning all types of documents at great speed, while always keeping high quality.

Use it anywhere you are, without computer!
IRIScan Book 3 is an extremely compact scanner that fits easily in your laptop bag or in a drawer. Its three AAA batteries and the memory card will allow you to scan all your documents without being connected to a computer. Whether you're at home, at the office, in a customer meeting or sitting in your couch, your IRIScan Book 3 will follow you everywhere!

Convert your documents into editable files (Word, Excel, ..)
IRIScan Book 3 comes with a fully-functional OCR application (Readiris) that allows you to convert text zones from your scanned documents into fully editable Word, Excel or PDF documents. Your files will be converted and ready to be edited and archived.

Create searchable PDF
The included Readiris allows you to convert scanned documents into fully searchable PDF files thanks to its powerful OCR engine that turns the text included in an image into text that can be searched. Now finding the information contained in a document is just a quick search away, and you won't ever have to spend long periods of time reading the whole text! .

Scan directly to PDF or JPEG
The new IRIScan Book 3 includes a button which allows you to choose PDF or image files (JPEG) as scan format. You can also choose the resolution (300 - 600 or 900 dpi) and quality (color or black and white) and you can edit your settings directly from the scanner, without having to connect it to a computer

Preview color LCD display
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Minimum computer requirements


  • MicroSD™/SD™ card port (not mandatory).
  • At least one USB port available.
  • Not driver installation needed!

Software suite for Windows®

  • Intel® Pentium® III or above.
  • Microsoft® Windows® 8, 7, Vista® or XP (SP3).
  • 256MB RAM recommended.
  • CD-ROM drive

Software suite for Mac OS®

  • Mac® computer with Intel® processor.
  • Mac OS® X version 10.4 or above.
  • 256MB RAM recommended.
  • CD-ROM drive.

Box content

  • IRIScan™ Book 3 scanner
  • Readiris™ Pro 12 software for PC and Mac® on CD-ROM
  • Free IRISCompressor™ Pro software
  • MicroSD™ card (including SD™ card adaptor)
  • USB cable
  • Transport pouch
  • Discount voucher for next purchase
  • Quick user guide

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