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Less Eye Fatigue, More Learning Fun

The advanced 5-point touch control BenQ IFP
RP 650+ makes learning more enjoyable and effective than ever. The enriched interactive environment allows the audience to receive not just one-way delivery but also proactive, true-to-life experience. Moreover, the AG (anti-glare) glass on the touch panel can even reduce eye fatigue to protect eyes of both teachers and students by significantly reducing reflection and glare on the screen.

Smart Engineering, Smart Teaching

Make classrooms more engaging with BenQ Interactive Flat Panels. The display will provide teachers and students with more involving and highly immersive learning experience. For today's interactive classroom equipped with all sorts of digital devices and media players, versatile BenQ Interactive Flat Panels with superior image quality and interactive capability are not only the foundation where richer and more inspiring teaching materials is built upon, but also where students actively show their achievement.

AG(Anti-Glare) Glass

By effectively reducing reflection from the screen surface, the advanced AG glass employed by BenQ IFP RP 650+ eliminates visual interference from glare to prevent eye fatigue and stress, and therefore elevates the appeal of classroom activities for students.

- AG glass minimizes interfering glare on the screen surface.
- Conventional glass is prone to suffer from eye-irritating glare.

Handy I/O placement for classrooms

Meticulously designed for teachers, the front-panel access to I/O interfaces like Type-A USB, HDMI and microphone input is a big timesaver. Teachers can effortlessly connect media players and microphones to the display without reaching for I/O ports on the side or back without seeing them. There’s even a convenient tray reserved for IFP pens.

20mm border for control gestures

Inspired by Windows 8, the 20mm-wide bezel of BenQ IFP RP 650+ also has its active touch functions. You can swipe from the edge into the display area to activate certain applications. This smart design makes teaching more intuitive.

EZ Suite Software

The EZ Suite software features USB Playback that plays media files from USB drives, USB Display that connects a PC to the display in mirror or extension mode via the USB interface as well as WiFi Display capable of playing videos from PC, iOS or Android devices.

5-point Optical Touch

You can touch the screen to pan, zoom and scroll images with fingers through the optical 5-point multi-touch technology. It also allows students and teacher to write on the screen at the same time.

Touch eliminates the need for a mouse or keyboard, so you can operate education software or presentations like using a tablet to enjoy an engaging experience. You can also interact with students simultaneously on the big screen.

Make it Colorful
10 Bit Panel

The 10 bit panel features a smoother color blending ability than normal panels with uniform brightness and natural layering.

Play it Smooth
Anti-Image Retention

This function rotates pixels in a barely noticable flicker to prevent image-sticking related to displaying fixed image.

Keep it Cool
Internal Temperature Monitoring

Internal temperatur sensors monitor and contol the panel's self-protective circuits, preventing damage from overheating and ensuring a long display life.

Make it Comfortable
Ambient Light Sensor

A light sensor on the panel detects ambient light condition and adjust screen brightness accordingly to make viewing more comfortable and reduce eye fatigue.

Take it Easy
LAN Control

Utilize BenQ RJ45 Ethernet technology, users can monitor, control and update display system at a remote location, allowing IT and administrative staff to have total control over all displays without physically being there to save travel time and cost.

Optimized for Portrait Mode

BenQ puts extra attention on scenarios in which portrait mode communicates better. The PID panel employs a structure featuring more solid fixing points on all edges to prevent “Mura” image distortion common on vertically positioned consumer displays.

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