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LapStand Cover for iPad Air

Everything you love to do with your iPad Air just got easier--and way more comfortable. Whether it's watching movies, reading, shopping, or just kicking back, our LapStand iPad Air Cover is designed to keep your tablet upright and steady while on your lap.
When you want to use it, just open the cover, prop it up, and get comfortable. Your iPad Air will sit perfectly steady in landscape mode, no hands needed.

No awkward balancing act, no more need for pillows to keep it propped up, and best of all, no worries. Our patented LapStand iPad Air Cover design uses ComfortForm™ material that forms to your body as you're sitting, so you can finally enjoy your iPad Air in total comfort.

Our LapStand Cover for iPad Air doesn't just make using your iPad Air more comfortable--it also protects it. Our integrated X-Frame design has protective corners made of a soft rubber that gently lock your iPad Air into place. Just bend back the corners when you want to remove it.

The overall construction and frame design of our LapStand Cover iPad Air Case is incredibly minimalist, giving you maximum protection without adding bulk. The protective rubber corners are a soft black to match your iPad Air, so they disappear once it's in place.

The Belkin LapStand iPad Cover is made of a plush microfiber (the same fabric you'll find in some your favorite clothing and household items). It's then molded to the shape of your iPad for an incredibly tailored fit. A velvety smooth inner lining keeps your screen safe and cushioned.

Use your LapStand iPad Cover to position your iPad at the angle that suits you best. The inner lining is set with grooves at various positions so you can slide your tablet closer to you or angle it further away--whatever's most comfortable for you.

The LapStand Cover for iPad also folds backwards into a lower, more ergonomic angle that puts less stress on your wrists when typing on your touchscreen.

The LapStand iPad Cover features an integrated elastic strap that keeps the front cover closed when you're on the go. The same strap can be used to hold the cover back and out of the way while you're using your iPad.

  • Patented LapStand™ design
  • ComfortForm™ material
  • Plush microfiber fabric
  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Comfortable typing angle
  • Protective corners
  • Strap closure
  • Available in Blacktop, Purple and Stone

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