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ASUS Chromebook C202SA-GJ0030  11_6_ HD Glare -  N3160- 4GB-16GB EMMC _ TPM  Chrome OS (1 Y warr) (C202SA-GJ0030)

ASUS Chromebook C202SA-GJ0030 11_6_ HDGlare - N3160- 4GB-16GB EMMC _ TPM Chrome OS (1 Y warr)


    ASUS Chromebook C202

    The ASUS Chromebook C202 is the ideal education computer for every school IT manager, student, and teacher. With its classroom ruggedness, the ASUS Chromebook C202 is developed to meet the daily rigors and intense usage by students both inside and outside of the classroom. Beyond its rugged construction, the ASUS Chromebook C202 is also designed for easy maintenance to minimize downtime. The result is a Chromebook which is designed for maximum usage, creating more learning opportunities for students.

    Designed for Classroom-Ruggedness
    - Robust and reinforced rubber wrapped protective guard reduces the impact from any accidents.
    - Surpassed durability testing ensuring lasting durability and better reliability.
    - Easy grip design 2 strategically placed grips provide better holding traction and reduce any slipping incident.

    Robust, reinforced rubber wrapped protective guard
    Reduces the impact from any accidents.

    All 4 exterior edges and corners of the C202 Chromebook are protected using reinforced nano-molding technology which ensure critical components are secured.

    Surpassed durability testing
    Ensuring lasting durability and better reliability

    More stringent Drop Test1 from a drop height of 3.9ft ensures function without disruption. Extreme twist force and high-pressure testing ensure that it can withstand the physical stress when used frequently over long periods of time. Various shock trials, as well as multiple frequency vibration testing, ensure the solid and sturdy construction of the device.

    Spill proof keyboard a must for the classroom
    A classroom of students presents many possible scenarios for accidents. One of the most common is the accidental spilling of liquid on the notebook and keyboard. That's why the C202 Chromebook keyboard is spill proof2 and can repel up to 66cc of liquid giving you the additional peace of mind.

    Easy grip design for better holding traction
    Imagine a typical school day and it will be easy to understand the potential hazards in the accidental dropping of the notebook. From the lose of grip when carrying the notebook, from passing the notebook from one student to another or even an accidental push off from the table are very real scenarios. That's why the C202 Chromebook is designed with 2 special grips which are strategically located to minimize these hazards.

    180-degree hinge allows a fully open Chromebook
    Ideal for easy viewing, especially for group study or collaboration.

    2mm travel distance
    Better Keyboard control with 2.0mm Travel Distance for More Accurate Typing and Better Feel (compared to the standard 3mm travel distance).

    15% larger character-printed keys
    Provides superior legibility for easier typing.

    Anti-glare display
    Easy to view even in sunlight and less strenuous on the eyes.

    360 degrees Wi-Fi antenna
    Strong reception to minimize poor signal connection.

    Up to 10 hours of battery life
    A notebook's battery life which can last the full school day and without having to sacrifice on the brightness of the display are crucial for students. Not forgetting the field trips or projects outside of the classroom environment where there is no available power source makes the battery life even more critical. There is no worries with the C202 Chromebook as it has a battery life of up to 10 hours3 with normal brightness to last the full school day.

    Designed for Easy On-site Maintenance
    Tear down key components in minutes minimizing downtime and extending refresh cycles.
    Minimized downtime means lowering total cost of ownership Downtime affects the running cost of a business. The goal is to minimize downtime which in turn leads to cost saving.
    Key components can be dismantled in 4 steps within minutes Remove keyboard, thermal module, battery, and motherboard in 4 hassle-free steps. By easing the maintenance for IT professionals the C202 Chromebook can have longer refresh cycles, saving time and money.
    Modular components design for simpler replacement of parts Reach what needs to be replaced without having to remove other parts.

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